O. Værings photographic material is published and used in several different ways and therefore you will not find any pricelist published on our webiste. Our prices will diverse according to your project. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements and we will provide you with the best price agreement for your use.

Wall Art Prints: 

Pricelist for ordering reproduction prints for private use

 Acrylic paper and canvas: 

20x30 cm: 1500,- / 30x40 cm: 1600,- / 50x40 cm: 1800,- / 75x50 cm: 2190,- /85x90 cm: 2440,- / 100x70 cm: 2750,-


20x30 cm: 1340,- / 30x40 cm: 1440,- / 50x40 cm: 1625,- / 75x50 cm: 1800,- / 85x90 cm: 1940,- / 100x70 cm: 2090,-

All prices are in NOK and includes VAT and shipping within Norway


Photo Licens: 

Prices ordering photos for commersial or non commercial use

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